In the universe of front end, there are many libraries and frameworks sprouting like wild mushrooms each day.

Angular is one of the popular one amongst those frameworks. There are alot of supports and huge community online. So close yet so far, information maybe overloaded for you.

For a developer to start Angular is daunting if the core understanding is not addressed.

If you are reading this and is actually starting , you might ask how do i start angular?

Looking at diagram below, you can see in a typical frontend developer ecosystem, that Angular is usually wrapped in the npm layer. Therefore , first it is good to have fundamental knowledge on node, and npm.

Once you have that understanding , you can directly explore Angular npm libraries. With alot scattered npm libraries it is better to start with Angular-cli or angular-seed as it bundles the configuration and setting to help you kick-start minimally your project.

We recommend you to start here with our beginner series to intermediate series..

Next step would be to read the official site thoroughly.

Understandably, in a practical world, you cannot probably learn everything in depth in a short time.

In such case, you would fare okay and able do practical basics , if you just at least have understanding of the concept of Module,component,services,pipes,binding of html,routing and singleton,DI concepts and css encapsulation.

Once you are comfortable with basics, feel free to look up the cookbook sections and fundamental topic.

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